Address Access Floorplans Completion Date Management Info Notes Requestor Requested
677 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238, USA FD code 125, apt open Floorplans 06/15/18 718-810-1536 f Bcde4f57 7b3a 4570 a6de 8943ad58a640
Yoel Perl
(718) 810-1536
173 Martense St, Brooklyn, NY 11226, USA Vacant. Doorcode is 2121. Showroom can be 3F or 3B (your choice) - Next weekend is best time. Floorplans 05/16/18 Nathan. We do apartments for him here and there...we did 2 new buildings in bedstuy for him last year. This is an eight unit building. Landlord is pitching in $1,000 towards this. I know another owner who has an almost identical building over there...Condos for sale...and part of my goal of pushing this building is to get that building too. Img 20151212 220152 %281%29   edited
Christopher Grande
(646) 321-0656
156 Irving Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237, USA contact Luis Palma for access Floorplans 05/11/18 flora (917)202-9456 it would be the front unit that faces the street. 9a5740944f334e7d989413d62de4c800
Luis Palma
(915) 790-9191