Nooklyn makes finding apartments, rooms and roommates easy.

Our Values
Values design


Good design creates trust and makes renting easy.

Values transparency


Access to information should be free and universally accessible.

Values diversity


Diversity of experience makes
 us better.

Values collab


We accomplish more

Values sustainability


Earth is home.
 We should take care of it.

Values trust


Renters always come first.
 Their trust is everything.




Moiz K. Malik

Chairman, Chief Design Officer

Moiz has worked every job at Nooklyn. He is driven by intellectual curiosity and has the ability to balance numerous interests and disciplines. He is the brain behind building the award-winning Nooklyn tech platform. One of his life goals is to buy a house in a mountain in Colombia.


Joseph Friedman

Chief Financial Officer

Joseph is analytical and has a great sense of humor. He leads new developments at Nooklyn and puts good service above all else. He also has his feet on the ground, literally. It is a rare moment when he is not running around or on the phone. The man likes to stay busy.


Noble Novitzki

Chief Executive Officer

Noble is the least salesly salesperson ever. He was a teacher for 11 years before joining Nooklyn as a real estate agent. His empathy and authenticity led him to his current position, in which he now oversees hundreds of agents. Noble is an endless source of conversation and southern colloquialisms.


Amylia Hecker

Chief Operating Officer

Amylia has a welcoming spirit and is able to make others feel comfortable instantly. She rolls out procedures and manages teams like it’s nobody's business. Amylia is incredibly thorough and enjoys creating order out of chaos.


Alexander Dimitriyadi

Chief Technology Officer

Alex is interested in how things work. He is responsible for the development of Nooklyn digital services. He is thorough and calm, though has strong opinions. If, for whatever reason, there is a discussion about local politics, Alex is most likely to be in the middle of it. Also, he watches MTA board meetings on Youtube.


Stephanie Malan

Director, New Developments

Stephanie has a true passion for real estate and it has shown in the 8 years she has worked in the industry. Originally from Paris, Stephanie holds a Master’s in Economics & Finance from Brandeis University. She is relentless, sharp and her mind is always buzzing with ideas.


Jonny Barton

Director, Agent Growth

Jonny is a former touring indie rapper turned real estate professional. He has trained hundreds of agents and now leads mentoring initiatives at Nooklyn. He values honest and clear communication, and is a reliable source of calm in turbulent situations. Jonny lives in Bed-Stuy with his family and his dog, Carl Sagan.


Daniel Tompkins


Daniel helps things run smoothly at Nooklyn. With a background in Urban Planning and Geography, he spends a lot of time thinking about how people live and move in the city. Think of a thermostat set at 68 degrees forever-- that’s Daniel. Cool, level-headed and unbothered.


Kalman Zimmerman

Principal Broker

Kalman Zimmerman is Nooklyn's listing OG. Born and raised in Brooklyn, he has over two decades of experience in New York real estate and extensive knowledge of the industry as a result. Kalman was a key part of Nooklyn's creation by acting as principal broker in the company's infancy, and continues to act as a Senior Listing Agent, bringing hundreds of listings into the company yearly.


Reyna Clarissa


Reyna takes care of the big and the small things at Nooklyn. She often feels like the youngest person in a room. Ironically, she is the youngest person in our team (for now). As the bubble of warmth and encouragement that she is, Reyna cares about wellness, youth empowerment and things being neatly organized.


Bailey Meadows


Bailey has lived multiple lives in New York. A base player in a shoegaze band, a counter person at a pastry shop, a barback, a designer/art director for a ton of diverse clients-- the list goes on. Stories, film, music, philosophy and honest discussion are her bread and (peanut) butter. That last bit is a reference to her actual peanut butter addiction.


Chumi Gonzalez


Chumi is an energizer. She thinks deeply about… really anything. Asking her “how are you?” can suddenly turn into a conversation about space exploration. She is curious, loves connecting with others and quickly adapts to change. She is from Paraguay and her favorite meal is milanesa con chipa guasu.


Claire Liu


Claire enjoys building things and is a boss at it. Her curiosity and tenacity make her appreciate new challenges. In her spare time, Claire practices yoga and is now thinking of getting into meditation. Once she does, it's game over, we'll have a Zen master on the team.


Camden Gaba


Young Camden snuck into the office on New Year’s Day ’18 and never left. He builds Nooklyn’s iOS apps. Previously, he co-founded a company, Overlap, to help creatives meet each other. When he’s not cursing at Xcode, he’s either skateboarding at Martinez Playground or looking for his new favorite ramen restaurant.


Jeremy Gottfried


Jeremy began coding when he was 7 years old. He studied molecular genetics at Oberlin College, where he tested AI photo stitching tech and wrote algorithms that simulate human evolution. He has also toured as a professional violinist. Crazy stuff. In his spare time, he enjoys writing poetry and cooking.


Ed Han


Ed is the “I get to the office an hour before everyone else so I can be my most productive self” type. He is a logical thinker and a voice of reason that is much needed on the team. He is friendly and relaxed.


Daisy Zhu


Daisy loves learning new things. She speaks three languages: Mandarin, English and Japanese (still learning). Before joining Nooklyn’s finance team, Daisy sang with a band at a restaurant in Indianapolis.


Daniel Umanzor


Danny graduated from FIT, where he studied Marketing and International Trade. He loves Chinese food so much that he taught himself how to make it. Danny lives in Bay Ridge with his family and two guinea pigs, Cutie B and Latte, who have very particular personalities.


Harley Courts


Harley connects people who are completely different from each other. His background in the skateboard community has taught him the importance of diversity and collaboration. This ethos is what has made Nooklyn the largest and fastest growing tech brokerage in Brooklyn. He is passionate about surfing and caring for our planet.

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