Nooklyn makes finding and sharing apartments easy.

Our Values
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Good design creates trust and makes renting easy.

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Access to information should be free and universally accessible.

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Diversity of experience makes
 us better.

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We accomplish more

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Earth is home.
 We should take care of it.

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Renters always come first.
 Their trust is everything.


Joseph Friedman

Chief Executive Officer, Partner

Joseph is analytical and has a great sense of humor. He leads new developments at Nooklyn and puts good service above all else. He also has his feet on the ground, literally. It is a rare moment when he is not running around or on the phone. The man likes to stay busy.

Moiz K. Malik, CEO of Nooklyn's headshot.

Moiz K. Malik


Moiz has worked every job at Nooklyn. Starting as a Nooklyn customer, Moiz then created the award-winning Nooklyn tech platform. Most recently - he built the New Developments Department and Coconuts, a design studio for real estate. Born in Pakistan and raised in Queens, he has lived all over New York.

Noble Novitzki

Chief Operating Officer

Noble is the least salesly salesperson ever. He was a teacher for 11 years before joining Nooklyn as a real estate agent. His empathy and authenticity led him to his current position, in which he now oversees hundreds of agents. Noble is an endless source of conversation and southern colloquialisms.

Veronica Duarte

Director, Agent Success

Stephanie Malan

Director, New Developments

Stephanie has a true passion for real estate and it has shown in the 8 years she has worked in the industry. Originally from Paris, Stephanie holds a Master’s in Economics & Finance from Brandeis University. She is relentless, sharp and her mind is always buzzing with ideas.

Chrissy Li

Account Manager

Chrissy has worked in real estate for many years, making her the go-to for any questions! A New York native, she always knows the best spots in the neighborhood, as well as the closes pool table!

Joel Anderson


Joel is based out of Kansas City, Missouri, or the better Kansas City in his opinion. With years of freelancing under his belt, Joel is now a full-time designer and loves to make fun animations and designs for Nooklyn. Need a song played? Joel plays the saxophone! He also learns a new language every year just for fun!

Nathaniel Allison

Account Manager

Jonny Barton

Business Development

Jonny is a former touring indie rapper turned real estate professional. He has trained hundreds of agents and now is spearheading Salesforce development at Nooklyn. He values honest and clear communication, and is a reliable source of calm in turbulent situations. Jonny lives in Bed-Stuy with his family and his dog, Carl Sagan.

Jessica Baker

Office Manager

Kalman Zimmerman

Senior Listing Agent

Harley Courts


Harley connects people who are completely different from each other. His background in the skateboard community has taught him the importance of diversity and collaboration. This ethos is what has made Nooklyn the largest and fastest growing tech brokerage in Brooklyn. He is passionate about surfing and caring for our planet

The Full Team

We have a team of passionate licensed real estate salespeople who can help you with your apartment search.

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