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Our award-winning apartment and rooms search brings over a million renters each year. At Nooklyn, over 60% of our leases are signed by a lead generated from our website or iPhone app. After years in the business, we have built a loyal clientele that returns to Nooklyn, again and again.

“It's the easiest way for me to manage hundreds of listings every day!”

Joseph Friedman, CFO at Nooklyn

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Manage Your Listings

We have spent years crafting our tools to create, manage, and advertise listings for our brokerage. Now we're opening up our platform and sharing it with you. As a brokerage we understand the challenges of being a real estate agent, and our tools are designed to make that process painless from start to finish.

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Easily follow the progress of your deal

Think UPS Shipment Tracker meets Google Docs live collaboration. We've created an end-to-end system for renters and agents that removes the friction from converting leads to closed deals. Our lease system has helped over 30k renters and processed over $60m in secure rental payments. From initial contact, to the lease signing, the Subway System will bring your deals home.

Whats New

Virtual Tour Requests

Renter and Agent safety is incredibly important to us. That's why we've introduced virtual tour requests.

Photo Requests

With Nooklyn, you can hire from our team of professional photographers to capture your apartment or commercial space.

“Such situations have become so common that Nooklyn, the Brooklyn-based brokerage that Mr. Ventura found his apartment through, has built a version of for roommates into its apartment-hunting app.”


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