Hi, my names Ninoska and I am 24 years old. Im an outgoing and open minded educator. I like a clean space and like to go out a lot. I’m always out of the house, but also enjoy having some self care time at home. I drink and also enjoy hosting little get togethers. Im not looking to move until August of 2020!

Favorite Listings
3 beds
2 bath
J train M train
920 Bushwick Ave - Unit: 1A
2.5 beds
1 bath
Crown Heights
2 train 3 train 4 train 5 train A train C train
1585 Bergen St - Unit: Top
3 beds
1 bath
L train M train
16-25 Putnam Ave - Unit: 4A
2 beds
1 bath
Crown Heights
A train C train
1930 Pacific St - Unit: 3f