Candyce Chad was born and raised in one of the most diverse places on Earth - Queens, New York. Starting from an early age, she was fortunate enough to be exposed to a variety of lifestyles, food, languages, cultures, and personalities. She quickly saw New York as her oyster. Within the past decade, she has lived abroad in Poland and Italy, collecting quite an array of stories from her international experiences. Some of her favorite destinations are Greece, Argentina, and Italy. She is fond of foreign languages as well, hence why she has begun to learn Italian. Prior to joining Nooklyn, she was in hospitality, working for companies such as the Morgans Hotel Group and SIXTY Hotels. Ultimately, it's her love for this city that has brought her into the real estate industry. Along with traveling and discovering new locations, she continues to stay up-to-date on her native city, which is constantly sparking her creativity. In her leisure time, she enjoys finding hidden gems in the city, redesigning her studio apt, dancing, and listening to audiobooks. She is also a Senior Chat volunteer with the Sunnyside Community Center and an avid Scrabble player. She believes Karl Lagerfeld said it best, "To me, New York is comfortable, not strange." Finding a home in NYC can prove to be challenging, but Chad thrives in fast-paced environments. Let her be your agent and your guide - whether you're a native or relocating. She will strive to make this as comfortable and seamless of a journey as possible.