Young, ambitious, and with a keen aesthetic eye, Joaquin brings some good old-fashioned charm and bright wit to Nooklyn, which is why we lured him to begin with. He’s got the soul of a native Californian (though he was born in Santa Fe and grew up in The Woodlands, a realtor’s dream village in Houston). A student of Interior Design, he is fascinated by the architecture, history and restoration of NYC homes. A home holds mystery, and he loves that.Joaquin’s got a joie de vivre that is infectious. He likes a meal well-made, without a lot of fuss, and when he’s not stretching his culinary palate or diving into the ocean, he’s learning to speak in a new tongue—currently le française, but next up are Spanish and Italian. Besides volunteering with animal rescues, Joaquin’s a genuinely nice guy: His mantra is, “Be kind to everyone.” Maybe that’s why his clients love him. Or maybe it’s his soft brown eyes and killer smile. But then again, we’re biased.

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