Matt Langer is Brooklyn based real estate agent with years of experience helping clients navigate the real estate rental market place. Having a broad cross-section of Nooklyn listings allows Matt to broker deals or broaden or narrow the range of the possibilities within the real estate marketplace. Matt can help you to secure a new home, locate the next prospective buyer, or set you up in your new apartment. By using a system that incorporates a comprehensive knowledge of the market, a persistent work ethic, and engaging clients personally Matt responds to the changing needs of the real estate landscape accordingly. Through fostering relationships with clients in a way that encourages three core insights 1) empathy 2) intuition and 3) knowledge Matt focuses on client’s individually. Whether it be developing a new approach to an outmoded system or delivering service in a compassionate and mindful way, Matt can take you where you need to go. Having a background in the arts (as an actor-screenwriter) with an interest in all things creative and cultural gives Matt an eye for detail, an appreciation for the refined and the ability to focus on what stands out whether it be in engineering, design, or aesthetics. Coming from Toronto, (a real estate capital in its own right) but with over a decade making it in New York City backs up his understanding of what makes this city great. When not working in real estate Matt enjoys biking and working out, travel, literature/arts and currently resides in Bedstuy.


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