Austin grew up in Richmond, Virginia before moving to NYC to pursue his career as a visual artist. He has spent the last three years building his brand and showing his work in multiple art galleries around the city. Though art is his passion, he yearned for a career that would harness his creativity, determination, and desire for helping others. This ultimately led him to real estate. He understands first-hand how stressful and time-consuming moving in the city can be. He is committed to taking on that stress for you, so that you can enjoy this exciting time in your life. He will guide you through every step of the process and use all of his resources to find exactly what you’re looking for. Austin is dedicated to making your experience feel personal, not transactional. Austin received his BA in Psychology from Wake Forest University. He is passionate about mental and physical health and enjoys riding his bike, painting, walking dogs, and exploring new restaurants in the city. Ask him about the best restaurants to try in your new neighborhood!