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Application Requirements

Applying for apartments in New York is a little different from other cities — here's what you need to know.

You'll be required to submit the following documents, in addition to a standard application with your personal info.

Photo ID

Your passport, drivers license, or other form of state ID will work.

Recent Bank Statements

Download your most recent statements through your online banking account.

Credit Report

Though not a hard and fast rule, many property owners require a minimum annual income of 40 times the monthly rent and a credit score of 700 to vet prospective tenants.

Letter of Employment

This is a letter from your employer or HR department stating your position in the company, start date, and salary amount.

Recent Pay Stubs

Request this from your HR department. If your company uses an online databse like ADP Workforce or Justworks, you can log into your account and easily download those documents straight to your computer.

Landlord Reference

This is a reference you can request from your previous property owner, and demonstrates that you've paid rent on time in the past.

Last Year's Tax Return

You can get a digital copy from your accountant or tax prep software.

Other Proof of Income

If you cannot provide any of the documents above, speak to your agent to explore some alternatives — anything that proves you have sufficent financial assets to pay the rent will help your case!.

Keep in mind that you can use a Nooklyn rental application to apply with any other brokerage in New York City — for only $20.

Frequently Asked Questions
The qualifications for renting each apartment vary, as it’s up to each property owner to decide whether to approve or deny an application. Though not a hard and fast rule, many New York property owners use a minimum annual income of 40 times the monthly rent and a 700 credit score for prospective tenants. If you fall below this threshold, consult with your agent – you might still have a chance of qualifying on your own. If not, you may need to consider applying with a guarantor, or using a company that acts as a guarantor on the insurance model.

It’s important to remember that wage income is not the only kind of verifiable income. Freelance earnings, tips, grants or school loans, gifts and various types of subsidies are often considered as well. In the case of housing subsidies, a full subsidy may exempt you from a landlord's credit requirement.

No fear! If you’re not able to prove sufficient income for a New York apartment, you may be able to get approval using a guarantor who co-signs your lease. This means that they’ll have to provide the materials listed above, in addition to whatever materials you can provide (you’ll still need to submit a form of photo ID, credit report, and in some cases, documents regarding your work status, like proof of school enrollment or previous rental history).

Yes! Use your rental application to apply for apartments with Nooklyn or any other brokerage within 30 days of submission. While other brokerages may ask to run your credit report again, they cannot legally charge for it more than once within that time frame.

Application fees are now capped at $20 USD or the cost of running a credit report— whichever cost is lower. That means no broker, property manager, or landlord can charge you over that amount to submit an application for an apartment. Nooklyn is able to provide this report at a cost of $9.29, currently the lowest price industry-wide.

Making a deposit payment indicates that you are serious about renting the apartment you wish to apply for. Many property owners won't consider an application unless a deposit payment is made. A payment of $100 or more will unlock the application section of the portal, but we recommend making a payment of $500 or more to ensure that your application is first in line within Nooklyn.

Keep in mind that some landlords may require a full or partial month deposit to apply. If your application is approved, your deposit payments will go toward the first month's rent and/or security deposit on the apartment.

All payments, apart from the cost of running your credit report for your application ($20) and any convenience fees on electronic payments, are refunded if you are not approved for an apartment. To initiate a request for a refund, contact your Nooklyn agent. Card payments are refunded electronically, and any other method of payment is refunded by check. Checks can be picked up from our Bushwick office at 28 Scott Avenue or mailed upon request. If picking up your check in person, please bring a photo ID.

Everyone on the lease, including guarantors, is "jointly and severally liable" for the entire lease. This means everyone can be held responsible for the whole rent – how you choose to split up that financial liability is up to you.

If you don't have a U.S. credit score, or if you don't meet the apartment qualifications and aren't able to apply with a traditional guarantor, consult with your agent. You may still qualify on your own, or you may consider applying with a company that acts as a guarantor on the insurance model. Many property owners accept online lease insurance services as long as you qualify.