Boogie Down Grind

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868 Hunts Point Ave
Hunts Point
2 train 5 train 6 train
About Boogie Down Grind

Founded and invested in by local residents who grew up during tough times for their borough, this cafe provides the type of experience we used to have to leave the Bronx to experience.


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Hunts Point

The Neighborhood

Hunts Point

Hunts Point is a bustling neighborhood, known most famously for the Hunts Point Market and Distribution Center, autobody shops, and The New Fulton Fish Market. Hunts Point Avenue is the hub of the neighborhood. There you can find many storefronts, food carts, and the bulk of the transit stations. The neighborhood has a lot of character, culture, and diversity. There are many parks around Hunts Point, as well as tree-lined streets offering a green oasis for all of its residents.

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