Capitol Hill



Edgy and chic, Capitol Hill is the epicenter, the factory of cool. Consider Pike-Pine at the eastern edge of this neighborhood which houses fabulous gay bars, chill bookstores, creative microbreweries, and fantastic restaurants serving dishes from the freshest locally sourced ingredients. If you find yourself in a tough gastronomical quagmire, searching for that perfect snack/drink from the abundant sea of micro-businesses (micro-breweries, micro-roasteries, etc. etc.), check out Bluebird Microcreamery where you can enjoy quality micro-batches of ice cream, beer, and espresso -- all in one spot. Once the realm of warehouses and car dealerships, this is the new hub of creativity draws a diverse crowd of open-minded artists, hard-core LGBTQ clubbers, and coffee-fueled intellectuals alike. Stroll a few blocks to Broadway and a completely different side of Capitol Hill emerges: the grand houses of the one percenters. This juxtaposition, the side-by-side existence of the scruffy artists and the ultra rich, reflects the energetic and diverse nature of the coolest neighborhood in Seattle. It’s also a convenient place, transportation-wise: the Capital Hill Station with the University Link Light Rail connects to Westlake Station, U District, and Sea-Tac Airport-Downtown. There is another massive transit project on its way at this Station, the First Hill streetcar which will take commuters from Pioneer Square, through First Hill, and to Broadway.

Buildings in Capitol Hill

1424 11th Ave Ste 400

Capitol Hill, Seattle
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