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Badass Women: Sushi Chef Oona Tempest

Join Nooklyn as we feature awesome women who are blazing trails in NYC. Here we profile Oona, a young female sushi chef who is breaking barriers in an industry steeped in tradition.

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  • Lyka Sethi
    Feb 15
5 must-visit independent book stores in NYC (that ...

Ah, book shopping. The only form of consumerism that, by the time I’m sliding my credit card into the chip reader and there’s no turning back, still has me feeling like I’ve done something right.

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  • Lyka Sethi
    Feb 13
[Low-Key] Winter Escapes: Catskills

Let’s be real — when you need a solid heart-to-heart with Mother Nature, you have to get out of the city.

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  • Lyka Sethi
    Feb 8

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