7 Vegan restaurants you have to try in NYC

By Former Agent

Our favorite eateries for vegans and non-vegans alike!

Veganism is on the rise — six percent of Americans identified as veganin 2017, compared to just one percent in 2014. As a result, vegan-friendly restaurants are popping up throughout NYC and beyond. Here are a few spots in the city that are definitely worth trying, whether you’re living that plant-based lifestyle or are a total carnivore.


  1. Champs Diner (197 Meserole Street)

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Ask any vegan in Brooklyn if they have been to Champs and then take a step back while they over-excitedly talk about their favorite shake flavor. This diner serves up seriously decadent comfort food, including a vast breakfast menu that is served all day.

  1. Vinnie’s Pizza (184 Bedford Ave)

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Although their menu is not 100% vegan, this Williamsburg staple has a wide array of veggie and vegan pies. You may recognize their specialty boards which helped the classic pizza place earn notoriety for their clever and often bizarre illustrations. As a vegan myself, I can tell you a good slice of pizza is one of the things I miss the most, and these are better than just about any I had before going plant-based.

  1. Modern Love (317 Union Ave)

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This spot, known for its creative comfort-food cuisine, was brought to Brooklyn from Omaha, Nebraska by Chandra Moskowitz. She draws on her Brooklyn upbringing to blend classics like mozzarella sticks and Mac and Cheese (or “Mac and ‘Shews”, as it appears on the menu) with plant-based cooking techniques. Although the food is great anytime, it’s ideal with a mimosa at Sunday brunch.

  1. Black Flamingo (168 Borinquen Pl)

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More club than restaurant, this vegan-friendly bar was started by and for people who want to go out and dance, but also to enjoy a tofu taco. Upstairs is a palm-leaf decorated cocktail bar, and downstairs is a retro dance club.


  1. JaJaJa Planta Mexicana (162 E Broadway)

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This cozy Lower East Side Mexican restaurant is well worth the hour or so wait to get in. Their margaritas are dangerously delicious and everything on their menu will have you wondering how there’s no actual dairy or meat in it. You can’t go wrong with anything you order, and no shame if you end up licking the amazing crema off your plate.

  1. Cocoron Soba (61 Delancey St)

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The chefs at Cocoron say “Bland is our enemy.” In this fight for flavor, they offer vegan soba dishes (served warm or cold) that are juicy, healthy, and tasty. Their noodles are satisfying but the best part is that they won’t have you feeling guilty after your meal.

  1. Avant Garden East Village (130 E 7th St)

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The 26-seat restaurant serves upscale vegan treats and a selection of natural wines, ciders, and beers. Owner Ravi DeRossi really committed to his vegan lifestyle by starting a non-profit, BEAST (Benefits to End Animal Suffering Today), around the same time as Avant Garden.

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