Bushwick institution House of Yes hosts Nooklyn’s 2018 holiday party

By Jay Sterkel · Dec 27, 2018 · ·

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At the corner of Jefferson and Wyckoff lives a venue widely known for its decadent decor, circus acrobatics, and imaginative parties. An evening at House of Yes was recently billed as the second best thing to do in the world, so Nooklyn was excited to hold its annual company party and awards ceremony there on Dec. 11.

Upon entering the first room, the venue’s reputation for eccentricity became immediately clear. Bartenders in Bowie t-shirts and red velour jackets took drink tickets. No fewer than a dozen disco balls hung from the ceiling. A mirror-tiled hallway led to an elaborately bejewed bathroom. If the night had been contained to only the front of the venue, there would have been plenty to enjoy.

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But soon an announcement blared: “Please make your way into the theater for a special performance.” Because you don’t see a trapeze or silks artist everyday — well, unless you work at House of Yes. The theater felt like the focal point of the venue, not only for its grand stage and enormous proscenium, but for its large bar, private booths, and various trapezes, which harken back to the Burning Man days that originally inspired the owners.

Nooklyn’s awards ceremony celebrated another record year for the company and recognized individual employees for their successes. But it by no means meant the night was over—people stuck around long after, enjoying the fruits of their labor.

So a big thank you to House of Yes for giving us a night to remember. After all, where better to celebrate one neighborhood institution than in, on, above, over and around another?

Photos by Erin Honto and Espolon

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