Drink with your dog by your side at these NYC bars

By Former Agent

It’s officially summer, also known as the season of drinking on bar patios while your dog chills under the table. It can be a challenge to find places that are welcoming to canine clientele, so I hit the streets with my trusty furry sidekick Stewart and found some excellent dog-friendly hangs.



  1. Outpost (1014 Fulton St.)

This quintessential Brooklyn hang is a fair-trade-coffee-serving cafe by day, and a local-brew-serving bar by night (or early afternoon, no judgement). The large back garden is usually populated by freelancing Brooklynites and their canine coworkers.


  1. Pine Box Rock Shop (12 Grattan St.)

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The owners of this bar are from Seattle and they infused the space with that Northwest feel. The bar is vegan-friendly, dog-friendly, and frequently features a live band.

Carroll Gardens:

  1. Other Half Brewing (195 Centre St.)

This cozy tasting room is an excellent place for a small group gathering. Known mostly for their super-hoppy IPA, the brewery focuses on green brewing practices and all their beers are vegan. So by drinking here with your dog, you might be saving the planet.

Crown Heights:

  1. Franklin Park (618 St Johns Pl.)

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This is a popular spot with a dive-bar vibe inside and a neighborhood garden vibe outside. There is a rotating beer menu and the food is from Dutch Boy Burger. The large outdoor space is perfect for dogs, and you will often seen doggos relaxing by their owners on nice days. They even have an Instagram dedicated to their furry regulars, @franklinbark.

  1. Berg’n (899 Bergen St.)

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The large bar complete with a rotating trio of street food stands (most have been featured at Smorgasburg) is a great place to spend an evening with your pup. Both the outdoor patio and indoor seating area allow dogs so it’s a great spot in the colder months as well!


  1. Pig Beach (480 Union St.)

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Located in the heart of industrial Gowanus, this massive outdoor area is perfect for summer afternoons. The vibe is like a backyard barbecue with a hundred Vineyard Vine-clad strangers. There is excellent barbecue on the menu and great frozen drinks. Your dog is guaranteed to get lots of pets from friendly staff and strangers.

Park Slope:

  1. Mission Dolores (249 4th Ave.)

This tire shop-turned bar is a funky place to hang with your dog after an afternoon in Prospect Park. It’s a mostly-outdoor space with the feel of an industrial greenhouse. The rustic design is complete with all your favorite arcade games, so it’s the perfect place to hang on a summer evening.


  1. Lucky Dog(303 Bedford Ave.)

No article about dog-friendly bars is complete without Lucky Dog. This Williamsburg dive will welcome any dog large or small, inside or out. In the summer the backyard is usually full of several dogs weaving between human legs. People let their dogs off leash and the playful atmosphere is great for any social dog (or human).

  1. The Levee (212 Berry St.)

The top line of their website says “Beer. Booze. Pool. Dogs.”, so it’s safe to say dogs are more than welcome in this gritty dive. The back patio usually has a dog or two hanging with their humans. Plus there are free cheese balls and twizzlers—what more could you ask for?

  1. Brooklyn Brewery (79 N 11th St.)

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If you’ve been in New York for long enough and enjoy a good beer, odds are you’ve already had one from this this iconic New York brewery. Stop by the tap room to drink, play an arcade game, and hang out with your dog — it’s likely they won’t be the only four-legged friend in there.


East Village:

  1. d.b.a. (41 1st Ave.)

No one knows exactly what the name stands for (Don’t Bother Asking, Drink Better Ale, Dogs Be Awesome?), but I’m sure it’s debated frequently over their large (60+) selection of beers. Enjoy summer evenings after work on their semi-covered back deck with your dog and a few friends.


  1. Tom and Jerry’s (288 Elizabeth St.)

This dive bar with a stuffed moose’s head mounted on the wall is a great place to grab an IPA and enjoy some bourbon-spiked cider. Despite being named after a cat and mouse, dogs are more than welcome.

Upper East Side:

  1. Barking Dog Luncheonette (1678 Third Ave.)

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This dog-themed brunch spot encourages patrons to bring their pooches. They always have water and a jar of dog treats at the ready. Although dogs can’t be seated inside, there is plenty of outdoor space for a boozy brunch with your pup.


Hunter’s Point:

  1. Fifth Hammer Brewing Company (10–28 46th Ave, New York, NY)

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The Fifth Hammer tap room is open seven days a week so it’s an ideal place to enjoy some craft brews with your pupper and some pals. Plus, they frequently post dogs on their Instagram, so your dog-baby might just become a star!


  1. Nowadays (56–06 Cooper Ave.)

The almost-entirely outdoor space is only open in the summer months. Its large patio is a perfect place to hang out from afternoon to evening. There is even a large grass area that’s perfect for dogs to sniff around and make some friends.

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Photo Credits:
1. Cover photo by Pete Bellis on Unsplash
2. Image courtesy of Pine Box Rock Shop
3. Image by Dan Sagarin on Franklinparkbrooklyn.com
4.Image courtesy of Berg’n
5. Image courtesy of Pig Beach
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9. Image courtesy of Fifth Hammer