If you’re gluten-free, try these NYC restaurants

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The gluten-free lifestyle has become a punchline, but those of us with severe allergies to wheat and gluten know it’s no joke. Though awareness is rising and it’s becoming easier to dine gluten-free, it can still be difficult to find safe options. If you want to ensure that you’re able to follow your dietary restrictions and that your dining companions are able to have a great meal, there are plenty of places in New York City that can guarantee just that.

Completely gluten-free restaurants

Senza Gluten (206 Sullivan St., Manhattan)

It’s all in the name at this Greenwich Village restaurant, which serves entirely gluten-free Italian food. Everything on the menu from bruschetta to pasta to tiramisu is safe for those suffering from Celiac disease, but the food is so good that even those who can consume gluten will be satisfied.

Friedman’s (various locations in Manhattan)

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Miss certain foods you used to eat before you realized you couldn’t digest gluten? Stop by one of Friedman’s Manhattan locations. They serve dishes that people with wheat allergies can normally only dream of: potstickers, wings, reuben sandwiches, and even fried chicken. The restaurant’s founder has Celiac disease so you can trust that every single thing on the menu is 100% gluten-free and safe to eat — even if it doesn’t taste like it.

Risotteria Melotti (309 E 5th St., Manhattan)

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Though this East Village joint specializes in risotto, they offer all sorts of other typical Italian fare, all of which is gluten-free. While you’d be wise to try one of their incredible risottos, go ahead and order a flatbread, fritto misto, and other wheat-free delicacies!

Wild (535 Hudson St., Manhattan)
This West Village eatery, which just opened a second location in Park Slope, serves some of the best gluten-free pizza in the city. They also make all kinds of gluten-free pastas and have tons of vegan options.

Hu Kitchen (78 5th Ave., Manhattan)
You may have seen their chocolate in grocery stores, but Hu Kitchen has so much more to offer. It’s a paleo-friendly restaurant, which means everything on the menu is gluten-free and most items are entirely grain- and dairy-free. You can pick up prepared soups and salads, order freshly prepared bowls, pick up healthy snacks or treat yourself to a brownie or crème brûlée.

Springbone Kitchen (90 W 3rd St., Manhattan)
Though this West Village restaurant specializes in broth, it has a pretty expansive menu — and everything on it is gluten-free. In fact, you’ll hardly find any grains on the menu at all. You will, however, find plenty of vegan options.

Noglu (1266 Madison Ave., Manhattan)

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This Paris import, located on the Upper East Side, specializes in authentic (and gluten-free) French pastries. From cakes to eclairs to croissants, you can experience the taste of France — without any of the painful consequences.

Erin McKenna’s Bakery (248 Broome St., Manhattan)
Every last thing at this Lower East Side bakery is gluten-free and vegan, from cakes to muffins to brownies to soft serve topped with cookies. Finally, someone understands that just because you can’t eat certain things doesn’t mean you don’t want to all the time!

Tu-Lu’s Gluten Free Bakery (338 East 11th Street, Manhattan)

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This bakery is entirely gluten-free and offers some vegan and dairy-free options as well. Their main offerings include muffins, cupcakes, and cookies, but they also offer treats like frozen cookie dough balls, brownies, and even granola!

Restaurants with gluten-free options

Carmine’s (various locations in Manhattan)
This family-style Italian restaurant has locations all over the city — and an entire menu devoted to those with food sensitivities. You can order most of their pastas gluten-free, so gather up your wheat-sensitive family and dig in.

by CHLOE. (various locations in Manhattan)

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The vegan restaurant and bakery taking over New York is, unsurprisingly, very gluten-free friendly as well. Not only are there many gluten-free items on the menu, all of them are clearly marked, so you know exactly what’s safe to eat, from chocolate chip cookies to quinoa hash browns.

Minca (536 E 5th St., Manhattan)
For those of us who can’t eat gluten but love noodle soup, Vietnamese restaurants are a great option because pho is made with rice noodles. Japanese ramen is more of a challenge. While an increasing number of ramen spots are introducing gluten-free options, they’re still hard to find, and not all gluten-free noodles are created equal. Fortunately, this tiny East Village restaurant allows you to order any ramen on their menu with (very good!) gluten-free noodles.

Rubirosa (235 Mulberry St., Manhattan)
Like many Italian restaurants, this Nolita mainstay serves incredible pasta and pizza. Unlike most Italian restaurants, it has a gluten-free menu that’s almost as expansive as its regular one. That means you can get any of their signature pizzas on a gluten-free crust or try classic Italian dishes like spaghetti and meatballs.

S’MAC (197 1st Ave., Manhattan)
This East Village restaurant serves only one thing: mac and cheese. You can order any of their specialties, like cajun or buffalo chicken, with gluten-free macaroni. They also have vegan options.

Dosa Royale (258 Dekalb Ave., Brooklyn)
Indian food is a relatively safe bet for the gluten-free since most dishes are served over rice, but this Fort Greene restaurant is particularly safe for the gluten-free since it focuses on dosas, which are like crepes made with rice and lentils. Nearly everything on the menu is gluten-free, but make sure to double check before ordering just in case your dosa filler contains gluten.

Not Ray’s Pizza (694 Fulton St., Brooklyn)
Many traditional pizzerias serve gluten-free pizza but limit the toppings you can order on your wheat-free crust. At this Fort Greene restaurant, however, you can get anything you want on an excellent gluten-free crust, so go wild and get every kind of meat on the menu!

Chavela’s (I736 Franklin Ave., Brooklyn)
Those with a gluten-sensitivity know that Mexican food is usually a safe bet, but this Crown Heights hot spot takes it a step further, using only corn tortillas even for foods traditionally made with flour tortillas (like quesadillas). Everything on the menu is great — especially the margaritas.

Clementine Cafe and Bakery (299 Greene Ave., Brooklyn)

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At this Clinton Hill bakery, there’s a whole display case full of gluten-free options like scones, muffins and cupcakes. They also have vegan options and great vegan and gluten-free friendly breakfast and lunch menus.

Bake Shop (995 Flushing Ave., Brooklyn)
This cafe is famous for their gluten-filled chocolate cake, but they always have a variety of gluten-free options, from banana bread to cupcakes to incredible brownies. They also have plenty of vegan options!

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