Indoor food courts that will warm you and your tastebuds up this winter

By Former Agent

There is an abundance of food halls throughout NYC. And we’re not just talking mall food courts where most of the vendors are chains that can easily be found elsewhere. Indoor and underground food halls across the city offer unique, local restaurant options and all kinds of cuisines. They’re a great way to become acquainted with new flavors while thawing from the cold weather, and they are perfect for groups of friends with varying cravings and dietary restrictions. It’s almost impossible to not find something for everyone! Here are a few food halls to check out during your occasional trips outside this winter.


This underground market can be found in the 59th Street Columbus Circle train station in Manhattan. It’s easily accessible from the station, so there’s no need to go outside and face the bad weather. They have everything from pizza, sandwiches, donuts, noodles, baos (Chinese sandwiches in soft fluffy buns) and even a Dylan’s Candy Bar nearby. There are seats and tables throughout the hall which make it a great place to sit with friends and family. Or alone — good food is great company.

Canal Street Market

If you’re more likely to hang out in Lower Manhattan, or want to check out Chinatown but don’t want to be outside for long… hit up Canal Street Market. It’s a food court and retail space that boasts an awesome variety. There’s Peruvian ceviche, Mediterranean inspired takeout, and boba tea. The court is open every day of the week so it’s the perfect spot for being indoors several hours trying different dishes and shop around. Go and support small vendors!

DeKalb Market Hall

Don’t want to trek into Manhattan? Give DeKalb Market Hall a try. It offers NYC staples like pastrami sandwiches and fresh pickles from Katz’s, Vietnamese food, and even hot Venezuelan arepas. Sure to warm your soul, this food hall is near a number of train lines, and there’s plenty of seating if you want to make a day of it by people watching, getting small dishes from different vendors, and trying out new flavors. Plus, there’s plenty of shopping nearby, so no need to head home early or be out in the cold.

Queens Crossing

Not every New Yorker lives a few quick train stops away from Lower Manhattan or Downtown Brooklyn. For those closer to Queens (the most diverse urban area in the world), this is the place to hit up. Like the borough itself, this food hall has a lot of options to try. And when you’re nice and stuffed with seafood, bubble tea, curry from Curry Bo, rolled ice cream, or poke, there’s a karaoke bar in the dining area to burn it all off with. Dinner and a DIY show for the win.

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Cover photo by Nicholas Doyle