7 Millennial Furniture Companies

By Former Agent

Remember when you only had one option for affordable, aesthetically-pleasing furniture?

The furniture industry is ripe for innovation, as consumers are tired of deciding between cheap, run-of-the-mill, disposable pieces or high-end, inaccessible luxury. IKEA gets old some time after college graduation, yet by then most young professionals still aren’t making enough of an income to adorn their small apartments with designer goods. However, the market has responded to this gap in supply, and disruptive furniture brands are popping up all over the country, most with this clear message: we want to give you high-quality, high-design products without the high price tag.


Founded by a pair of Wharton grads, this brand asserts that it has reinvented the luxury couch. According to the company’s website, they’ve managed to develop an efficient supply chain that significantly cuts costs to both the business and the end consumer. The Burrow couch not only boasts environmentally-friendly (and stain resistant) materials and a promised ten-minute assembly upon direct delivery, but it also offers a customizable design and perks like a hidden built-in USB port. Here’s hoping Burrow goes on to develop a larger line of products to complement their minimalist sofa.


In contrast, Article is a Vancouver-based company that offers a wide range of furniture items, including bedroom pieces, chairs, dining furniture, outdoor furniture, and decor. Their tagline says it all: “Spend Less. Live More.” In suit with the trend we’re seeing across up-and-coming brands, Article is all about maximizing supply chain efficiencies to bring products directly to purchasers. Their pieces have an updated minimalist mid-century style in earthy tones (colors include options like Volcanic Grey, Lagoon Blue, and Charme Tan).

Campaign Living

Campaign’s main selling point lies in the portability of its pieces. This brand wants you to be able to keep your furniture with you for as long as you’d like, no matter how many times you move homes. Similar to some the other brands on this list, they offer affordability compared to luxury alternatives,
eco-friendly materials, USA made items, and lifetime warranties, but they have also created a flat-pack solution that allows for fast, low-cost shipping and painless assembly (no tools required)! Their pieces also have removable covers which are easy to clean and replace over time.


Solid, ergonomic office furniture is a must for anyone with the flexibility or desire to work from home. ARTIFOX, based in St. Louis, MO, aims to fill this need by providing tech-friendly, minimalist office furniture and accessories designed to foster productivity in this digital age. Their desks are beautifully crafted and compatible with a variety of add-on items like shelves, stands, and organizers that can be used in a number of creative ways to keep your workspace organized. The brand was founded by entrepreneurs with strong design backgrounds and an equally strong disdain for clutter.


If you haven’t heard of Casper by now, you might be living under a rock. The company has taken a scientific approach to product design, claiming to have “engineered” their mattresses, bed frames, pillows, and sheets for optimal comfort and great sleep. Their most popular product is their namesake “The Casper” mattress, which uses a combination of four different types of foam to ensure comfort, balance, coolness, and support all at once. Backing up their claims is a plethora of user and durability testing results as well as sleep studies conducted by a dedicated internal team. To make things even more stress-free, Casper will give you a trial period of 100 nights to try any of their products and decide if they’re right for you. After that period, you can send the products back at no cost for a full refund. Pretty hard to argue it isn’t worth a shot.


This company is a new go-to for all things bedding. In starting the company, the founders’ goal was to create quality, comfortable sheets at accessible prices. By selling online only, they’ve been able to accomplish this with flying colors. For a basic start, you can reach for their Classic sheet sets, which start at $99 a set. To upgrade your bedroom textiles, reach for their Luxe or Linen sets. They even offer a “Move-In Bundle” with everything you need to make a fresh start, including pillows, a duvet cover, comforter, and even some detergent. Could it get any easier?

Maiden Home

Aptly described by Fast Company as “the Everlane of furniture,” Maiden Home offers sofas, chairs, and sectionals with an artisan-made but polished aesthetic. Their pieces are built-to-order by experienced craftsmen in North Carolina, and in each design they offer a variety of sustainable, non-toxic fabrics, wood finishes, and size options. Their guarantees include free six-week delivery, a lifetime warranty, and 30 day returns. If you’re indecisive when shopping online, you can order fabric swatches ahead of time at no cost. This is a great option for those seeking increased personalization but classic designs, all at a lower cost compared to luxury studios.

These are just a few among an increasing list of new-ish, positively reviewed and tested brands for you to consider during your next move. Pro tip: if you’re looking to shed some of the old to make room for a fresh start, consider selling your stuff on design-forward marketplace sites like Apt Deco. This platform allows individuals to buy and sell used furniture with a focus on quality pieces that are in good condition. You may even find some bargains for yourself while you’re at it.

And once you’ve got the basics down, don’t forget that despite rampant minimalism, you can (and should!) put your own spin on things by being thoughtful about decor. Online shops like St. Frank offer unique, handmade decorative items that look like they belong in showrooms or art galleries. If you’re aesthetically-challenged, refer to sites like Apartment
and Houzz for inspiration and ideas.