Organizations that help women and queer people run for office

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Over the past two years, there has been a palpable shift in the way Americans engage in politics. The personal has become deeply political and individuals are activated like never before. People are inspired to support candidates that really represent their communities, and even to run for office themselves. Women, non-binary, and queer folk are running in record numbers.

There is so much power in transforming fear, anger, and anxiety into action. You don’t have to become your state’s next governor — there are many local offices that you can run for and make a true impact.

So if you want to pull an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and go from bartender to congressional candidate in just a year, check out some of these organizations that are helping first-time female and LGBTQ candidates.

  1. She Should Run

With the goal of getting at least 250,000 women to run for office by 2030, this organization helps women throughout the campaign process from nomination to election day. Their aim is to “demystify the campaign experience.” Women can nominate themselves or ask a someone they know to run. She Should Run’s board of directors use their expertise to guide women as they become leaders and learn how to run an effective campaign.

Visit their site if you want to run, know someone who should, or want to support what they do!

  1. National Women’s Political Caucus

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The NWPC team envisions a “new normal” in which women run for office as commonly as men. Founded in 1971, the non-partisan grassroots organization aims to recruit, train, and support pro-choice female candidates by providing access to campaign managers, guidance, and technical support. Their training modules cover all the bases from communications to fundraising. Through a network of local chapters and trainers, the NWPC holds trainings across the country. The organization also supports their endorsed candidates with donations they receive and put into a Parity PAC.

See if your local chapter is holding a training soon!

  1. Women’s Campaign Fund

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The Women’s Campaign Fund aims to help women make up 50% of elected officials by 2028. Their website asks: “Why should good government depend on only half of the nation’s human capital?” The organization hopes to find common ground in the U.S. government by diversifying representation. The bipartisan group supports women of all political ideologies and they seem to pick them well — WCF success stories include Representative Maxine Waters, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Senator Tammy Baldwin. They offer visibility, tips sheets, consultations, and more to endorsed candidates.

WCF is an excellent resource for a women looking for individualized support and training when running for office.

  1. Victory Institute and Victory Fund

This the only organization in the country dedicated to helping openly LGBTQ people get elected to office. The Victory Institute has helped over 1,000 past trainees elected or appointed to office, by providing education and resources for people running for office. There are fellowships available to help future candidates work in Washington D.C. as they go through in-depth leadership training and campaign preparation. The Victory Fund offers candidate financial support by providing fundraising, campaign guidance, and communications. Together these organizations empower people to run effective campaigns with confidence from the institutes’ trainings and financial support.

Check out the Victory Institute’s next training or donate to the Victory Fund.

  1. Rise to Run

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This organization focuses on young, progressive women. They believe that through grassroots, community-based efforts to train the youngest generation of leaders, they empower more progressive women to run for office. Rise to Run aims to activate women as early as high school to participate in politics. They help women run for office at all levels of government by giving them training and resources to run a successful campaign.

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