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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s largest city, is notable for its rich history, on display at the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall (where the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were signed) and other American Revolutionary sites. Also iconic are the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, immortalized by Sylvester Stallone’s triumphant run in the film "Rocky."


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Academy Gardens

Academy Gardens is a suburban neighborhood of Philadephia. Academy Gardens is home to the Cannstatter Volksfest-Verein Labor Day Fes...

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Allegheny West

Allegheny West is a small neighborhood of Philadelphia with a suburban-urban feeling. Fun fact; the original name of the neighborho...

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With many structural similarities to country Andorra, Andorra overlooks the Schuylkill River. As the town was developed in the '50s...

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Aston-Woodbridge is the perfect suburban area for families. There are many coffee shops. restaurants, and parks around!

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Bartram Village

Bartram Village is a small neighborhood in Southwest Philadelphia. Bartram Village is named after famous botanist John Bartram, whos...

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Bella Vista

The Bella Vista is a tree-lined neighborhood best known for the open-air Italian market on 9th street! This neighborhood is perfect ...

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Belmont is a quiet residential neighborhood. On a nice day, residents enjoy a stroll in Fairmont Park, which is home to the Carousel...

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Brewerytown is an up and coming neighborhood in the North area of Philadelphia. Brewerytown got its name from George Wagner, who bre...

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Bridesburg is a riverfront neighborhood in the northernmost section of Philadelphia. It tends to be a quieter neighborhood, which at...

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The Bustleton section of Northeast Philadelphia has always been a neighborhood meant for gathering. In the early days, the neighborh...

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Home to the infamous Philadelphia State Hospital, Byberry is now a suburban residential area. Many of its residents are retired, the...

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Filled with some of the city's best live music venues, restaurants, and coffee shops, Callowhill is the perfect "urban" neighborhood...

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Carroll Park

Carroll Park is a very community-focused neighborhood. Many families and young professionals live here, due to the outdoor spaces ar...

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Cedarbrook is a largely residential neighborhood outside of Philly proper. it attracts young professionals, families, and retirees a...

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Cedar Park

Cedar Park is filled with Queen Anne- style architecture, perfect for any history buff.

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Center City East

Connected to City Hall, Midtown Village, and Independance Hall, Center City East is the shopping district of Philly! Surrounded by h...

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Chestnut Hill

About 25 minutes from Center City, Chestnut Hill is full of photo opportunities. Close to the National Register Historic District, t...

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In the 19th century, many Cantonese immigrants settled in the area now known as Chinatown. On any given night, Chiantown is bustling...

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Clearview attracts young professionals and families alike. There are many bars, restaurants, parks, and coffee shops around.

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Cobbs Creek

Surrounded around nature, residents of Cobbs Creek can enjoy a relaxed lifestyle right outside of the city center.

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Quiet neighborhood that caters to families and young professionals. Crescentville is named after the Crescentville Rope Factory.

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Crestmont Farms

Crestmont Farms is an affluent small residential neighborhood. Many families live in Crestmont Farms.

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Dearnley Park

Dearnley Park attracts many young professionals. There is an abundance of coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and little shops around t...

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Dickinson Narrows

Voted one of the best places to live in Philadelphia, Dickinson Narrows a dense Urban neighborhood. Surrounded by parks, bars, and r...

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Dunlap is a small neighborhood in West Philadelphia. Many families inhabited this neighborhood surrounded by parks and restaurants.

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East Falls

East Park attracts nature lovers! It is a short commute to the center of Philly but offers its residents parks, parking, restaurants...

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East Germantown

In one of the oldest and most historical sections of Philadelphia, East Germantown is deep-rooted in American History. The residents...

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East Kensington

The perfect mix between old and new. East Kensington attracts many young professionals and new families. Home to the annual Kensingt...

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East Oak Lane

Home to Noam Chomsky, Vivian Green, Leslie Odom, and Hugh Panaro, East Oak Lane is dripping in history. Now, you can find many niche...

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East Parkside

Near the Zoo and the East Park Reservoir, East Parkside attracts many families to the area. The neighborhood also has many bars and ...

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East Passyunk

East Passynuk is the food hub of South Philly. Many people flock to the area to enjoy award-winning restaurants and one-off cocktail...

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Near the Philadephia International Airport, Eastwick is a quiet residential neighborhood outside of the city center.

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Elmwood offers its residents a mix of urban and suburban living. While there are not many restaurants, you are a short commute to ot...

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Fairhill is a residential neighborhood right outside of the city center. While there are not many restaurants and bars, you are a sh...

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Home to some of the best museums in the city, Fairmount is one of the most entertaining neighborhoods in Philly. With ample green sp...

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While Feltonville is mainly residential, there are some coffee shops and restaurants that locals love to hang out at. The neighborho...

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Fern Rock

Home to The Pennsylvania College of Optometry, Fern Rock is a mainly residential neighborhood,

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Fishtown is a tight-knit community. With a solid nightlife, Fishtown is home to artists, families, and young professionals. Its name...

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Fitler Square

This neighborhood is perfect for anyone who wants to be near greenery and the city center. Less busy then neighboring Rittenhouse, F...

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Fox Chase

Fox Chase is filled with greenery and outdoor spaces, most notably Pennypack Park. Fox Chase attracts many working professionals and...

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Home to famous rapper Lil Uzi Vert, Francisville has changed a lot over the years. While the neighborhood is forever changing, many ...

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Located about 6 miles from the city center, Frankford is also well known for the Frankford Transportation Center. Due to its close p...

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Garden Court

Referred to as "the most exclusive location in West Philadelphia" by The Philadelphia Inquirer in the 1920s, Garden Court offers its...

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One of the oldest settlements in Philadelphia, Germantown offers its residents beautiful Victorian home surrounded by small shops an...

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Germany Hill

Germany Hill is a dense suburban neighborhood. The center of the neighborhood provides its residents with some bars, restaurants, co...

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Girard Estates

Girard Estates is a suburban neighborhood in Philadelphia. Many young professionals and retirees live in the area.

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Glenwood is a neighborhood in Philadelphia where many working professionals live. The area has some restaurants, coffee shops, and p...

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Graduate Hospital

Although a hospital no longer operates in the neighborhood, Graduate Hospital is still a hub. Home to the late African- American ope...

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Grays Ferry

Due to the expansion of the University of Pennsylvania, Grays Ferry is now home to many students and educators alike. Working profes...

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Greenwich is a family-friendly neighborhood outside of the city center. In Greenwich, there are bars, restaurants, coffee shops to k...

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Part of the U.S National Register of Historic Places, Haddington offers its residence an urban-suburban lifestyle.

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This neighborhood is full of restoration projects. While there are no high rises yet, Harrowgate is moving towards a more modern loo...

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Hartranft is a neighborhood in the central part of North Philadelphia section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Hartranft is centrally located, making the commute to the city center very easy. Many young professionals inhabit this neighborhood.

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Haverford North

With a huge food market on the corner of 46th and Market Street, Haverford North attracts visitors on most weekends. However, the ar...

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While the neighborhood can be quiet, residents of Hawthorne gather on South Street, at the Italian Market, and the Avenue of Arts to...

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With a dense suburban feel, Holmesburg is home to many families and young professionals.

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Hunting Park

Surrounded by greenery, Hunting Park in a quiet residential neighborhood. Many of its residents commute to the city center for work.

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Juniata Park

Predominantly a working-class neighborhood, Juanita Park is a quiet residential area.

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Home to Bartram Gardens, Kingsessing attracts many families. The neighborhood is an easy commute to the city center as well.

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Lawndale is home to many churches and many older homes. Many families live here due to its close proximity to the city.

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Lexington Park

While Lexington Park itself is quiet, many families and young professionals move to this neighborhood due to its close proximity to ...

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Logan Square

Home to many iconic Philadelphia attractions, Logan Square, has something for everyone. Between corporate offices, high-rise living,...

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Lower Moyamensing

Walking distance to the stadiums, Mafflin Square, and Marconi Plaza, this neighborhood is mostly residential. Many families live her...

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Ludlow is a small community-centric neighborhood. Many of its residents have lived here for many years, which tends to attract famil...

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Once one of the most prominent manufacturing hubs in the country, Manayunk is now one of the most lively neighborhoods in Philadelph...

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Mantua is a neighborhood dripping in history. Like many Philadelphia neighborhoods, its classic charm and easy commute to the city c...

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Home to a large Irish-American population, Mayfair offers its residents a close-knit community. There are many bars and parks around...

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McGuire is a very intimate neighborhood. McGuire has many bars, restaurants, coffee shops, parks for its residents to enjoy.

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Home to the infamous Sesame Place and Parx Racing, Mechanicsville is a weekend hot spot.

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Melrose Park Gardens

Near many bars and parks, Melrose Park Gardens is home to many families and young working professionals.

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With a dense suburban feel, Millbrook tends to attract many families to the neighborhood. It is also sometimes referred to as Chalfo...

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Mill Creek

Mill Creek offers its residence an urban-suburban mix. There are many bars, restaurants, cafes, and parks nearby, attracting young p...

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Modena has a dense suburban feel to it. Many of its residents are young working professionals.

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Morrell Park

Morrell Park is primarily residential with a handful of commercial businesses in it. Many people move here due to the added feature ...

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Mount Airy

Overlapping with Germantown, Mount Airy is the perfect mix of leafy tree-lined streets and historic cobblestoned streets.

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Newbold has gone through a lot of changes over the years. Now, coffee shops, breweries, and restaurants are popping up left and righ...

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Nicetown- Tioga

Nicetown- Tioga is a neighborhood in North Philadelphia. It offers residents an urban-suburban mix, attracting many young profession...

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Normandy Village

Normandy Village is a family-oriented neighborhood. Many of its residents have lived here for most of their life. Through the years ...

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North Central

Surrounded by small cafes and parks, North Central is a small neighborhood in Philadelphia. Its close proximity to the city center m...

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Northern Liberties

With tree-lined streets and access to the Delaware riverfront, Northern Liberties attract families and young professionals looking f...

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Northwood offers its residents a dense suburban feel. Residents can enjoy small bars, cafes, and parks, making it a desirable home f...

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Ogontz is a small neighborhood in Northern Philadelphia. Its close-knit community attracts families and young adults to the area.

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Old City

Part of Philadelphia's Historic District, Old City offers residents charming streets mixed with urban businesses. On the first Frida...

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Old Kensington

Filled with new and old developments and an easy commute to the city center, Old Kensington attracts young working professionals an...

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Known as one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Philadelphia, Olney is welcoming new cultures every year. You can walk down North ...

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Home to Will Smith, Wilt Chamberlain, and Guion S. Bluford Jr, Overbrook is a bustling neighborhood in West Philadelphia. Surround...

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Oxford Circle

Oxford Circle is a tight-knit community. While there are some clothing stores, pharmacies, and groceries nearby, many people travel ...

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Packer Park

Home to the Philadelphia Eagles training facility, the NovaCare Complex, Packer Park is a newer neighborhood made up of cul-de-sac d...

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Parkwood Manor

Parkwood Manor is a densely populated residential neighborhood in the far Northeast section of Philadelphia. While there is a local ...

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Paschall provides its residents with an urban-suburban mix feel. There are many parks, restaurants, and small shops around for resid...

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Passyunk Square

Known for its destination restaurants, Passyunk Square is a bustling neighborhood. Neighbors tend to be very friendly, saying hello ...

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Pennsport has preserved its charm over the years. In this neighborhood, you won't find many new developments. Pennsport is also home...

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Pennypack Park

Named after the Lenni Lenape Indian word for slow-moving water, Pennypack Park is stretched along the 9-mile long Pennypack Creek.

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Surrounded by parks and cafes, Penrose is a small neighborhood. With easy access to the city center, many young professionals and fa...

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Philadelphia Inte...

7 miles outside of the city center, the Philadelphia International Airport offers visitors and residents ample entertainment. Near t...

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Point Breeze

As Point Breeze grows attracts many young professionals. Packed with new "hot spot" bars and restaurants, there is something for eve...

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Poplar is a mostly residential neighborhood with the hub of entertainment being on Broad Street and Girard Avenue. The commute to th...

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Port Richmond

Filled with history and character, Port Richmond is one of Philadelphia's new and upcoming neighborhoods.

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Port Richmond

Home to a large Polish community, Port Richmond is perfect for families and commuters. The bus system is seamless and the trolley wi...

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Powelton Village

Characterized by its colorful and quirky businesses and houses, Powelton Village is one of Philadelphia's best-kept secrets.

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Queen Village

Named after the Queen of Sweden and one of the oldest residential neighborhoods in Philadelphia, Queen Village has transformed into ...

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Rhawnhurst is a small neighborhood in the northeastern region of Philadelphia. The neighborhood very community-focused and many of t...

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Known for its greenery, Rittenhouse attracts working professionals. On the weekends you can buy local produce at the farmers market,...

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Surrounded by greenery, Roxborough is perfect for someone who wants outdoors with access to the city. There are ample options for di...

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Rebuilt and rejuvenated by Habitat for Humanity in 2019, Sharswood is a community-oriented neighborhood. Now, Sharswood is a thrivin...

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Society Hill

With a mix between cobblestone and concrete, Society Hill is the perfect mix between old and new. Many families have found home here...

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Split between young professionals and retirees, Somerton provides its residents with parks, coffee shops, and bars, and an easy comm...

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Southwest Germantown

Southwest Germantown is home to many families. There are many restaurants and cafes in the area, but for more entertainment, you may...

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Southwest Schuylkill

Southwest Schuylkill is a family-oriented neighborhood. While there isn't ample entertainment in this neighborhood, its a short comm...

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Spring Garden

Originally Philadelphia's ritzy suburb, Spring Garden is a historically protected district. Surrounded by parks, bars, restaurants, ...

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Spruce Hill

Blocks away from Penn's campus, Spruce Hill is a booming neighborhood geared towards college students and families.

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Stadium District

Near the Phillies and the Eagles stadiums, residents never have to worry about finding parking or sitting in traffic before and afte...

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Stanton is surrounded by bars, restaurants, cafes, and parks. Many young professionals and families live here.

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Strawberry Mansion

Named after a local restaurant's popular dish, strawberries, and cream, in the 1800s, Strawberry Mansion was once a predominantly Je...

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Summerdale is a quiet neighborhood in Philadelphia. Many families and young professionals live here.

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Distinguished by its large park and trail system, Tacony is a neighborhood filled with history.

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Located along the Delaware River, Torresdale is home to many families and young working professionals.

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University City

Home to the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University, University City is a hustle and bustle neighborhood in Philadelphia.

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Upper Kensington

An urban neighborhood in Philadelphia. While there is not a lot of attractions in the neighborhood, you are only a short commute to ...

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Upper Roxborough

Established in 2001, Upper Roxborough is a historically protected district in Philidelphia.

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Walnut Hill

Walnut Hill is a community-centric neighborhood. Many of the residents have lived there for their whole lives.

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Washington Square...

Filled with endless food and drink options, Washington Square West is perfect for newcomers and long time Philly residents. The neig...

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Sweeping views of the Delaware River, the Waterfront district has many must-see sights.

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West Kensington

West Kensington was the fictional setting of the movie Rocky. Many families and working professionals live here.

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West Oak Lane

West Oak Lane is a neighborhood in the upper section of Philadelphia. The neighborhood is known for being the jazz capital of Philad...

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West Passyunk

West Passyunk is a neighborhood in South Philadelphia. Surrounded by greenery, many families live in this area.

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West Poplar

Up and coming neighborhood in Philadelphia. Many young working professionals and families are living in West Popular currently.

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West Powelton

West Powelton has a dense urban feel to it. There are some commercial businesses around, but you are like to travel to a neighboring...

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West Torresdale

West Torresdale is a suburban neighborhood in Philadelphia. while there are not many attractions in town, you are a close commute to...

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Whiteman is a community-focused neighborhood in Philadelphia. Many families and young professionals live here.

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Winchester Park

Winchester Park is surrounded by beautiful outdoor spaces. Its short commute to the city center attracts many families and working p...

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Wissahickon Valle...

Wissahickon Valley Park had 57 miles of trails, with endless options to bike, ride horses, swim, and much more. Many people who love...

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Known widely for its park, Wissinoming Park, Wissinoming is a suburban neighborhood in Philadelphia. Many families and working profe...

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Often referred to as a hidden gem, Wister is perfect for young families. There are farmer's markets, restaurants, bars, cafes, and o...

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Woodland Terrace

Located near University City, Woodland Terrace is a historically protected neighborhood in Philadelphia. The neighborhood has preser...

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Wynnefield often referred to as The Field, is a suburban neighborhood in West Philadelphia. Many families live in this neighborhood.

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Wynnefield Heights

Wynnefield Heights is home to The Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Wynnefield Heights attracts many students and famili...

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Yorktown is an urban neighborhood in Philadelphia. There are many bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks around attracting many ...

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